Below are links to a lot of articles I've written, in a sortable table. The idea is that I've done many kinds of journalism, and you might be interested in only a particular kind. For example, if you're interested in my datavisualization work, you should sort by Multimedia Credit and look at the chunk of clips with datavisualizations (or look at the data section of my Design page). Or if you're interested in my longer-form writing and reporting, you can click the Word Count* header to sort by article length. For pieces listed with a word count of zero, I only claim multimedia credit. In many of these cases the reporting load was shared.

*Word counts are approximate. I got sick of doing this manually, so some of these articles were fetched with a scraper I wrote. The function I used for wordcounts is of pretty variable accuracy.

Headline (link) Date Wordcount (approx.) Multimedia Credit Outlet
Oh Sweet Nuthin': Theolinguistess10/8/10693N/AStanford Daily
Which Monarchs Were More Belligerent: Kings or Queens?1/26/161422N/APriceonomics
Can an Algorithm Eliminate the Unfairness of Gerrymandering?1/22/162210N/APriceonomics
How a 90-Year-Old Missing Person Became a Hit on Spotify1/11/164294N/APriceonomics
When the KKK Was a Pyramid Scheme12/22/153000DatavizPriceonomics
The Christmas Tree Salesmen of New York12/23/144000N/APriceonomics
The First Quantified Brain12/10/152848N/APriceonomics
Surveying the Ghost Cities of China11/19/151541IllustrationPriceonomics
How Filipino WWII Soldiers Were Written Out of History11/11/152781N/APriceonomics
After the Snowden Revelations, Did We Change Our Behavior on the Internet?11/3/151512DatavizPriceonomics
The Rise and Fall of .Ly10/23/152490DatavizPriceonomics
The Economics of Male Birth Control10/19/153122N/APriceonomics
The Comic Strip that Accidentally Created a Branch of Feminist Critical Theory10/8/152496N/APriceonomics
DARE: The Anti-Drug Program That Never Actually Worked10/1/153381IllustrationPriceonomics
The Cookie Butter Patent Wars9/17/151175N/APriceonomics
The Correlation Between Arts and Crafts and a Nobel Prize9/11/151695DatavizPriceonomics
The Cheese Board Collective8/26/153145N/APriceonomics
The Linguistics of Writing an Email Like a Boss8/19/152491DatavizPriceonomics
When the Great Alpaca Bubble Burst8/14/151951N/APriceonomics
Ephemerisle: The First Step in Seasteading or Just a Party?8/7/155534N/APriceonomics
Music Publishing Economics7/14/153094N/APriceonomics
The United States of Beer7/10/150MapPriceonomics
Impulsive Rich Kid, Impulsive Poor Kid7/8/152629DatavizPriceonomics
Should the "Best and Brightest" Go Into Finance?7/3/151706DatavizPriceonomics
Scientific Retractions are on the Rise, and That May Be a Good Thing6/24/151499N/APriceonomics
Are You Concerned Your 4 Year Old Isnt In a Cool Band?6/22/153894N/APriceonomics
The Increasing Scarcity of Helium6/16/152197DatavizPriceonomics
Using Data Science to Measure a Musical Revolution6/11/151790N/APriceonomics
When Your Women's Empowerment Group is Actually a Pyramid Scheme6/5/152572N/APriceonomics
The Most Urbanized States in America6/2/15950DatavizPriceonomics
Machine Learning Makes a Surprisingly Tasty Salad5/28/151626N/APriceonomics
What Do People Say on a Good First Date?5/22/151453DatavizPriceonomics
The Very Model of a Modern Mineral Dealer5/20/153507N/APriceonomics
How to Turn a Stadium Full of People into Thousands of Pixels5/14/152268N/APriceonomics
The Psychology of the Self-Appointed Genius5/11/152107N/APriceonomics
Why the Comic Book Store Just Won't Die5/5/152909N/APriceonomics
Are the Later Harry Potter Books More "Adult"?4/28/151665DatavizPriceonomics
How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color4/24/152780N/APriceonomics
How Culture Affects Hallucinations4/22/152217N/APriceonomics
Does Sugar Help You Focus?4/17/151630DatavizPriceonomics
Parsing the History of America4/16/151115N/APriceonomics
Why is Bear Bile So Expensive?4/15/152146DatavizPriceonomics
Why Nobel-Winning Scientists are Getting Older4/10/152025DatavizPriceonomics
Endangered Dog Breeds and the Market Forces Behind Them4/8/154114N/APriceonomics
Why Do People Still Die of Rabies?4/2/153384N/APriceonomics
The Invention of the Baby Carrot3/27/151947N/APriceonomics
Where Are All the White People in San Francisco Public Schools?3/24/151712DatavizPriceonomics, Washington Post
Who Invented the Computer Virus?3/17/152205N/APriceonomics
The History of Lorem Ipsum3/13/152249N/APriceonomics
Extracting Keywords from Text, Inspired by Quantum Mechanics3/10/151493N/APriceonomics
The Email Scam with Centuries of History3/5/152486N/APriceonomics
How Autocomplete Was Built into Chinese Typewriters3/2/152684N/APriceonomics
How the Chinese Zodiac Affects National Birth Rates2/24/152124DatavizPriceonomics, Washington Post
Too Many Tubas2/20/153813N/APriceonomics
How U.S. Cities Count Their Homeless2/17/153476DatavizPriceonomics
If Someone Tells You Theyre a Narcissist, Believe Them2/11/151908N/APriceonomics
What Parts of San Francisco are Built on Land Fill?2/9/151396MapPriceonomics
The Independent Discovery of TCP/IP, By Ants2/3/151934N/APriceonomics
Why Every Movie Looks Sort of Orange and Blue1/28/151918N/APriceonomics
What is the Average Color of the Universe?1/26/151550N/APriceonomics
The Least Segregated Cities in America1/21/151081DatavizPriceonomics
A Designer's War on Misleading Parking Signs1/15/152488N/APriceonomics
The Science of Inherited Nostalgia1/12/151187DatavizPriceonomics, Washington Post
The Biology Teacher With a DIY Tattoo Kit Business1/7/152575N/APriceonomics
Hipster Business Models: A New Book by Priceonomics1/6/152130N/APriceonomics
The Most and Least Diverse Cities in America12/15/14980DatavizPriceonomics
How Diverse is Your City?12/12/141154DatavizPriceonomics
Why You TGIF Even if You Dont Have A Job12/8/141465DatavizPriceonomics
Better than Sex: Analyzing Yelp Metaphors for Food12/2/141546DatavizPriceonomics
Americans Smoke More Cigarettes than the French (Sort of)11/26/14853DatavizPriceonomics
The Pig Apple: A History of NYC's Illegal Pet11/21/142500N/APriceonomics
Why Can't I Take an Orange Through Customs?11/19/142330N/APriceonomics
The United States of Vehicle Theft11/13/14888MapPriceonomics, Vox
How Sad Do You Get When Your Candidate Loses?11/11/141222DatavizPriceonomics
Information Immortality LLC11/7/142910N/APriceonomics
Youre Not a Bad Person, Youre Just in a Hurry11/4/141899DatavizPriceonomics
The Origins of Sexy Halloween, Inc.10/31/143881N/APriceonomics
The Man Who Writes His Dissenting Opinion in ALL CAPS10/28/142970N/APriceonomics
Jehovah's Witnesses: A Case Study in Viral Marketing10/23/142016DatavizPriceonomics
America is Becoming Less Religious10/20/14912DatavizPriceonomics
Mechanical Turk: The New Face of Behavioral Science?10/15/143615N/APriceonomics
The Case for Cheap Weddings10/10/141839DatavizPriceonomics
Before the Guy Fawkes Mask, There Was Latex Richard Nixon10/8/142415N/APriceonomics
The Man Who Smuggles Trader Joes into Canada10/3/144077N/APriceonomics
How to Make a Living as a Poet9/30/142898N/APriceonomics
Should You Return Your Tent After Burning Man?8/22/141975N/APriceonomics
The Data of Music, the Anatomy of Pain6/17/14645N/APlotly
5 Plots on Gender You Have to See9/16/14843DatavizPlotly
Free Bathrooms, Photosynthesis, Global Education Inequality8/21/14528N/APlotly
Why Engineers Ignore You & the Party is in Macau7/31/14760N/APlotly
All the World’s Economies in One Chart & the Best Burrito Bar Graph6/5/14743N/APlotly
Two Graphs on Economic Inequality in the US5/25/14344DatavizPlotly
Toss-Up Senate Races Are Key Targets for Dark Money 2/21/14 0 Dataviz MapLight
Dark Money Groups Spent More on Toss-Up House Races in 2012 3/10/14 0 Dataviz MapLight
State of Dark Money: In Nevada, the Candidate With the Most Dark Money Won Senate Seat 2/28/14 0 Dataviz MapLight
"Social Welfare" Groups Dominate Dark Money Spending on Congressional Elections 2/19/14 0 Dataviz MapLight
Big Ag Interests Flood Washington GMO Initiative With Opposition Money — Echoes California Prop. 37 9/17/13 0 Dataviz MapLight
The Cost of a Seat in the California State Legislature 12/11/13 146 Dataviz MapLight
Washington State GMO Labeling Initiative is Round Two for CA Prop. 37 Donors 8/13/13 447 Dataviz MapLight
CA Prop. 8's Top 10 Supporting and Opposing Contributors 6/25/13 310 N/A MapLight
California Passes Only a Fraction of Its Fracking Bills 6/5/13 443 N/A MapLight
Cal-Access Database Available for Download by Labor Day, Says California Secretary of State 5/20/13 522 N/A MapLight
Matthew Melton: Sober, Serious, But Still Scuzzy 2/20/13 1104 N/A East Bay Express
Beck Gets the McSweeney's Treatment 12/19/12 1045 N/A East Bay Express
Oneida – A List of the Burning Mountains (album review) 11/21/12 277 N/A East Bay Express
What the Failure of TheGlint, a Group Home for Idealist Techies, Says About Silicon Valley 9/18/12 576 N/A Slate
Sit/lie law primarily enforced in the Haight 8/3/12 0 Dataviz San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco's urban tech boom 9/8/12 0 Dataviz San Francisco Chronicle
Educator brings shop culture back Into schools 11/16/11 1419 Photo, Video SFGate
Silicon Valley divided – new report shows tech sector growing, middle class hurting 2/9/12 819 Dataviz KQED
Developers and city disagree; downtown lot in 'flux' for a year 2/22/12 1306 Photo SFGate
Mother and son entrepreneurs share their secrets to successful startups 3/13/12 815 Photo Peninsula Press
Peninsula small businesses yelping about Yelp's mysterious algorithm 3/25/12 1653 Photo SFGate
How much recycling actually gets recycled 3/20/12 662 Dataviz Stanford Magazine
Window opens for Mavericks surf contest, causing big waves for a small town 1/7/12 403 Photo, Video SFGate
Oh Sweet Nuthin': Standard Time 1/28/11 832 N/A Stanford Daily
Oh Sweet Nuthin': Peep Psychology 7/8/10 787 N/A Stanford Daily
Oh Sweet Nuthin': Theolinguistess 10/8/10 693 N/A Stanford Daily

I also use the written word for purposes external to journalism. Among them: poems, essays and short stories. Here are two poems published by the Stanford undergrad literary journal, The Leland Quarterly: Plea (Summer 2010) and Estenopeica (Fall 2011). I was also honored to have a short story, 'Going Solo', published in the Fall 2013 edition of Zyzzyva.